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Thinking differently about mental health and wellbeing

How We Make a Difference

We believe that our approach and philosophy to delivering services has a positive lasting impact on the people that use them. We want people who use our services to achieve lasting wellbeing, whether they have come to us in mental health crisis, have problems managing their tenancy or want to learn new skills in order to enter employment.

Below are real quotes from people who have accessed our support services.

Crisis House, Cardiff

“Thank you very much for taking me in at my time of need and for all the support you have given in the past week. I hope that this Man holding a thinking differently signsupport will carry on in the future. I cannot thank the staff enough for their hospitality and understanding. I would recommend the service to anyone who suffers with mental health problems like myself, who need a break and someone to talk to. Once again thank you very much and may your work be successful in the future.”

“The Crisis House does exactly what it says on the tin. The Crisis House and Crisis Team work perfectly together. It gives me total rest and rest for my brain. When I’ve left I feel positive about the future but return home to face the wolves. It’s a lack of community support that causes me problems.”

Hospital to Home

“My worker and the service has really put me on my feet and I will be eternally grateful to everyone who contributed to my recovery and to the place where I now live. I cannot say enough about the service and thank heaven the help was there when I needed it.” D.L.

Mental Health & Homelessness Crisis Intervention

“I don’t know what I would have done without this service. My worker was constantly in touch, supporting me and advising me when I found it tough to make decisions for myself. She went above and beyond her duty for me and I am so, so grateful that there is this service for people with mental health needs. I felt I was being cared for and that I mattered. I am in a better position than I was this time last year and I know my progress is slow but I am moving forward for this service. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.” J.D. Merthyr Tydfil.

Floating Support (Neath & Port Talbot)

“Since having this service put in place, my life has got back on track in a way that I never thought was possible prior to Gofal’s involvement.”

Our Business (Cardiff)

“Totally changed my outlook on life, I thank god that I have been given a second chance.”

“It has improved my confidence, really lifted my spirit.”

“The hardest part of the course is accepting and believing that we are worthy of having ambitions and faith in ourselves.”

“Thank you for making me more positive and outgoing, I now love life.”

“I could not wait to return to the course as my confidence and self-esteem was going up. I felt so good about myself, and all the others and myself were bouncing off each other as we had far more confidence now, it was an amazing feeling."

"Finally I could start seeing my life in a different light, my depression had lifted and I did not want a return to depression, the confidence course went very well."

Routes to Recovery (RCT & Merthyr)

“I found this course to be a very positive experience and have enjoyed meeting new friends. It has also given me the chance to get out and I have learnt a lot about medication and my illness.”

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the course. It gave me routine again and my confidence has improved dramatically. The course has also inspired me to progress into voluntary work as discussed with Pam”. T.H.

“I found the course excellent and very helpful. I wish I could still come. The tutors were very helpful and understanding.” P.M.

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