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1 October 2014

Announcement: Gofal and Esgyn merger

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Wednesday 1st October 2014

Statement from:  

  • Simon Reed – Chair of Gofal
  • Amanda Moss – Chair of Esgyn


On behalf of the Gofal and Esgyn Boards it is with great pleasure that we announce the merger of our two organisations. Our two Boards firmly believe that we will be stronger by coming together and taking full advantage of our shared history, knowledge, skills, expertise and resources.

  • People using our services will feel the benefit by consolidating over fifty years of shared experience we will develop, enhance and improve our models of practice;
  • Staff will feel the benefit a strong focus on learning, training, and personal development, enhanced staff health and wellbeing initiatives and increased opportunities for progression and development;
  • We will provide more services to more people - increased business development capacity facilitating the development of a wider range of specialist services, seizing more opportunities;
  • Our influence will increase influencing health, housing, social care and other relevant national policy and legislation, improving public attitudes and behaviour;
  • We will increase our financial strength and ability to invest in the future;
  • We will have a strong nationally recognised and respected brand – our combined history, skills, expertise and portfolio of services will ensure that we are seen as a leading expert in our field;
  • Our leadership and governance skills, capacity and expertise will be enhanced ensuring governance and leadership teams are able to steer the new organisation towards a successful future.

Together, we believe that we can deliver the best possible outcomes for the people we support.

Our new legal structure:

Many of you will be aware that Gofal and Esgyn have been talking about coming together for a number of months.  We are pleased to announce that we completed the legal process on Friday 12 September. Esgyn has become a subsidiary of Gofal and now sits alongside Gofal’s social enterprise Gofal Enterprise Ltd.  This means that our new legal structure looks like this:Merger legal structure diagram

So what will change?

For the time being it is business as usual.  It is early days and people who use Gofal and Esgyn services will not experience any immediate changes.

Over the coming months we will be looking at how we can build on our shared experience and expertise, integrating our organisations to ensure that we make the best possible use of our resources and provide the best possible services to the people we support. We will keep you informed as our plans develop.

For all enquires please contact: Ewan Hilton, Gofal’s Executive Director, on 01656 647722, or please email ewanhilton@gofal.org.uk

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