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9 November 2017

Gofal and KIN+ILK coffee shops team up for mental health awareness event

Gofal teamed up with KIN+ILK coffee shops to organise an awareness event which got people talking about mental health and gave people a chance to share their opinions on the status of mental health and wellbeing in the workplace in Wales.

The theme of mentally healthy workplaces was World Mental Health Day 2017’s main focus, and this was carried on into the event. In Wales mental health problems cost £7.2billion a year, which consists of a nearly £3.5billion in the loss of quality of life for those experiencing mental health problems, over £2.5billion in lost economic activity, and a £1billion cost to the NHS.

The event featured dialogue with professionals and individuals with lived experiences of poor mental wellbeing as well as a public consultation on the status of mental health and wellbeing in the work place here in Wales, all graphically recorded by featured artist Helen Frost. It also saw art, photography and poetry from people with lived experience displayed, which will continue to feature in KIN+ILK Pontcanna for another month. Some of the artists came to the event and spoke about their experiences of mental health with members of the public.

Sarah Wills, Head of Services for Gofal's Central region said: “It was fantastic to see an event, where mental health was so openly and positively discussed by everyone, taking place in the community. We invited people to share some of their experiences of mental health and how that’s impacted on their work life, both good and bad, and also chatted over coffee about what good mental health and wellness means to them. There was a huge range of people attending, some with an interest in the event, some who had never been to a mental health awareness event before but were regular customers of Kin+Ilk. One person said he had been going to Kin+Ilk since it had opened and was really pleased to see mental health being highlighted in such a positive way. A huge thank you to all the artists and poets for their contribution to the event, and to everyone who was involved in the day. Also, thank you to Gofal’s Evee Freitag for organising the event.”


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