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Thinking differently about mental health and wellbeing

What family & friends can do

If you have noticed that a friend or family member is finding it difficult to cope, you don't have to be an expert to provide them with a little support that could make a big difference. It is always a good idea to talk to them first, ask them how they're feeling and tell them that you've noticed that they haven't been themselves lately. If you find it difficult talking to people, have a look at these 'talking tips' on the Time to Change Wales website, they have been put together with the specific aim of talking to someone about their mental health problems.

Knowing that someone else has taken the time to notice how they’re feeling can be helpful and may encourage them to get help for themselves.

You may want to advise them on what to do next:

  • Help them to make an appointment with their local GP surgery
  • Ask them to come out and do something with you, such as have a coffee or go for a walk;
  • Encourage them to speak to other professional services such as The Samaritans or professional counselling services.

Remember - it’s important that you look after your own mental health, so don’t take on more than you feel comfortable with.

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